Bag Supports & Straps

Yes, we offer replacement straps in the parts section of our website. The 3.5+ and older carts featured nylon bungee straps. The 4.0 cart utilizes silicone straps. You can retrofit your 3.5+ and older cart to silicone straps by purchasing our silicone strap upgrade kit.

When this happens, most likely the nut that sits on the bolt of the Main Hinge Lever has come loose which creates some sag in the center of the cart. To fix the problem, simply tighten the nut and the sag will go away. Be careful not to over tighten the nut because that will make opening/closing the Main Hinge Lever more difficult. You may also want to watch our Bag Rest Video for further clarification. In some rare instances, you may have a bag that does not fit properly on the Clicgear cart due to the shape of the bottom of the bag. If this is the case, you need to either use a different bag or put something between the bag rest and the bottom of the bag.

Handlebar & Main Console

Yes, we offer replacement foam on our website in the parts section.

Check to see if the magnets are still attached to the console lid. If they are attached, check to see if the lid is bent. If the magnets are missing or have lost their polarity, they can be replaced. Contact customer service via phone (1-800-363-3505) for more information.

Yes, we offer these replacement parts on our website:

No, it is not. Due to the way the consoles are mounted to the handlebar of the carts, the consoles for each model are not interchangeable. Also, the brake lever has been moved on the 3.0 cart, which makes the 3.0 console different than the 1.0 and 2.0 consoles.

No it is not because it attaches to the console and the consoles are not interchangeable.

Wheels & Tires

Yes, wheel kits are offered in many colors and are available on our website. The same 3-wheel kit works on all Clicgear 3-wheel carts from the 1.0 all the way through the 4.0. Likewise, the 4-wheel kit is compatible with both the 8.0 and 8.0+ cart.

Each wheel has two double sealed ball bearings. This is unique to most pushcarts as they press fit into the rim which prevents damaged bearings due to poor initial alignment and eliminates the tendency of the wheels wobbling over time.


All tubing on Clicgear/Rovic carts are made from aircraft-grade aluminum, the most lightweight and durable aluminum available.

Replacement Lower Hinge Tubing and Secondary Strut Tubing for 1.0-4.0 carts are available on our website. Contact customer via phone (1-800-363-3505) if you need a part not offered on our website or have questions.


Please check for the following problems:

  • Cable Nut Assembly has come loose from the Brake Hammer (3.0 models only)
    If this happens, all you have to do is re-insert the cable nut assembly back into the brake hammer and your brake will function as it should.
  • Brake Cable has broken
    If the cable is broken or frayed, it can be replaced. See the parts section of our website for brake cable replacement parts.
  • Brake Cable tension needs to be adjusted
    To do this, you will need to loosen the cable nut assembly and slide it up/down the brake cable depending on whether or not you want to increase or decrease the tension. If this does not help, you may need to replace the brake cable.
  • Brake Gear teeth are broken
    If your brake gear is broken, it can be replaced very easily. Please refer to the front wheel diagram. We offer the replacement brake gear part on our website.
  • Brake Hammer is broken
    If your brake hammer is broken, it can be replaced very easily. Please refer to the front wheel pivot diagram. We offer the replacement brake hammer part on our website.

No you do not. It is already lubricated at the factory prior to being installed.


We recommend that you use a damp cloth instead of a hose or pressure washer. It is possible to fill the frame tubing with water or to damage the wheel bearings with too much water.

Please watch our alignment videos for instructions on how to adjust your cart's alignment. The instructions vary based on cart model, so please check the appropriate video on the website.

We recommend you order replacement parts direct from our website. Most retail outlets do not stock our replacement parts but they can order them for you if needed.

The bag support is a unique shape and looks off-center. It is designed this way to accommodate many different sizes and styles of golf bags as well as to allow the cart to fold the way it does.

The maximum weight recommendation is 35 lbs.

A periodic tightening of the nuts and bolts of your Clicgear Cart will improve the performance and life of your Clicgear/Rovic Cart. Replace the Elastic Bag Straps and Elastic Scorecard Holder as needed. Replacement parts are available to order on our website and over the phone (1-800-363-3505)

Please note that it is NOT recommended to apply any lubrication to your cart (WD-40, etc.). The lubrication will actually attract dirt which could affect performance of your cart.

Please contact customer service via phone (1-800-363-3505). We stock all replacement parts for all Clicgear and Rovic cart models past and present. Not all parts available parts are listed on our website

Expedited shipping is not available on our website but feel free to contact customer service via phone (1-800-363-3505) for an expedited shipping quote.